We are three regular guys who just decided that it would be great to have a podcast. A lot of what we talk about is video games, but in reality we just talk about whatever is on our minds. That being said, more often than not, video games are on our minds.


Alex Carbajal
Alex is the Master of None when it comes to gaming. He plays a lot of different genres at an above average level, but unfortunately is never the best at any game. He does have a lot to say about so many different games because of this though. 

Quinn Meadows
Quinn is a fast learner when it comes to video games. He is motivated by the salty tears of defeating his enemies, and will practice the game until he becomes good enough to do so.  Once he does this he moves on to a new game, letting the developed skills go to waste. 

Trey Meadows
Trey is really more of a niche gamer. He excels MMORPG's and MOBA's and is still good at other games, but is the first one to tap out once he gets frustrated with a game. Trey, like his brother, enjoys beating real people, and making them feel bad about losing, so basically don't ever play games with the Meadows brothers, play with Alex instead.